A regular archer
Attack Firing arrows
Dropping rocks (only while riding a bird)
Abilities Can breathe underwater
Health One blow
Game(s) Worm Food

Archers are enemies and a type of villager in Worm Food.


Archers are tribesmen in the Stone Tribe They have dark brown skin and wear dark brown clothes. Their head is a bit larger than their small body. Being human, they have two arms and two legs. They wear a white loincloth and have white face paint on their foreheads and cheeks. They wear a special headdress of feathers and bones. A large feather points straight up with another feather on each side of it pointing slightly to the left and right. On the sides of its headdress are two white spikes probably made of bone. The archer also has two small white eyes.

Game information

Two type of archers are encountered in Worm Food: regular archers and sea archers. Although they are slightly different, they both act similar, as when the giant worm jumps out of the ground/water, they will fire arrows at it. Arrows which hit the giant worm will inflict a small amount of damage, and cause the arrow to stick to that part of the worm.

Regular archers

Regular archers, along with walking around and being found on land, also ride in the gondolas of birds. When in this situation, their attack is dropping rocks when the giant worm leaps underneath the bird, along with shooting arrows when the giant worm is close enough.

Regular archers, in addition to riding birds, can also ride fish. They move around on the fish and attack by shooting arrows, which do not move slower underwater. They are sometimes found in large numbers in wait of the giant worm, so they can inflict massive damage when it comes up.

Sea archers

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Sea archers are three archers in a boat moving on the water. Sea archers are more dangerous then normal archers due to the fact they can fire three times the arrows, which means the worm will get three times the damage inflicted if hit by the arrows. For this reason, the worm should stay away from the boat, and rather swim under it, as the arrows cannot reach it there.

They can be easily eaten from inside the water, where the sea archers cannot reach the worm. To kill all the archers, the worm must come up from under the boat and eat them from below. The player should try to aim the worm so that it moves in an arc across the boat, eating all three archers.

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