This article is about spiders from Chisel 2. For spiders from other games, please see Spiders.

Attack Fire bullets at Chiseler
Abilities Cannot be destroyed
Health Invincible
Game(s) Chisel 2

Arachdroids are half spider, half crab-like enemies that are first introduced in level fifteen of the game Chisel 2.


Arachdroids have a big, brown, circle shaped body. There are three frosting green legs coming out of slits on the robot's sides. It has three pink eyes at the front of the body/head which are outlined by white. The eye in the middle is the biggest. Two frosting green, crab-like arms stick out of the front sides of the body. A trunk-like mouth sticks out of the front of the body.

Game information

Arachdroids are usually placed in the middle of planets and slowly turn to face the Chiseler when he is walking. Upon doing so, it will fire a large pink bullet that hurts him on contact, even when drilling through the planet. The rate in which the bullets are shot speeds up as the percentage of the planets destroyed goes up.

When Chiseler begins to drill through the planet that the arachdroid is on, however, the arachdroid will put up an electrical shield and prevent it from being destroyed for the duration that the Chiseler is in the planet. The downside of this defensive mechanism is that the Arachdroid cannot attack Chiseler in its shielded state. The arachdroid itself, however, cannot be destroyed. When an arachdroid shoots a bullet, it will make the sound of an elephant trumpeting.


  • Arachdroids resemble Tarantox, a boss from Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Although supposedly an arachnid, they share few traits with arachnids. Instead, they more closely resemble a crab.

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