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Jack Frost Preceded by Aquanaut Followed by Go Go UFO
Explore the deep avoiding wildlife finding sunken treasure.
Released Flash: February 12th, 2008
Nitrome Touchy
  • iPhone: October 31st 2012
  • Android: November 21st 2012
Play It, Miniclip
Levels 20
Game Type Main
Genre Adventure
Websites, Miniclip

Movement - PC Mouse Left Click
(Will follow mouse)
Drop Bomb - Space

Credits Artwork
Simon Hunter
Aaron Steed
Lee Nicklen
Aquanaut Menu
Aquanaut Main

Aquanaut is an adventure game released February 12, 2008. The player controls a submarine on the search for treasure avoiding enemies and hazards. This game was one of the launch titles for the iPhone and Android Nitrome Touchy, launched on October 31st 2012 for iPhone, and November 21st 2012 for Android.



  • PC Mouse Left Click Mouse - Click and hold to make submarine follow the cursor.
  • Space Space bar - Drop a bomb


  • Twist/Touch blue core - move submarine
  • Press bomb buttons - lay bomb
  • Iphone-steer Tilt smartphone - increase acceleration


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There are twenty levels in Aquanaut. In each level, the player has to navigate a submarine through water, with many stone pillars, hazards, and enemies around. The water sometimes rises, the player having to roll on dry land to a spot until the tide comes back to lift them up. Treasure is found throughout the game.

1: Training Day

This level is very short, it is very basic and only has two enemies. This level mostly just teaches how the game is played.

Click [show] to see this video
Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 100:34

Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 1


2: Bomb Training

This level has multiple enemies as well as a tide. It is mostly for teaching how to use bombs.

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Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 200:37

Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 2


3: Up Down Up

This level features multiple enemies and tide again, bombs are needed to complete the level.

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Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 300:50

Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 3


4: Trek Through the Stars

This level features many rotating starfish and pufferfish that make surviving difficult.

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Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 401:17

Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 4


5: Give It a Whirl

This level features many obstacles including long barnacles coming out of coral and piranahas that dive to hit the submarine. Multiple whirlpools will pull the Submarine into bad positions like directly underneath a piranha.

Click [show] to see this video
Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 500:46

Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 5

6: Temple of Trouble

This level has multiple dangerous enemies including many starfish. The Tide returns with the Tide going from extremely low to extremely high.

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Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 601:08

Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 6

7: Little Nippers

This stage is loaded with enemies all over it.

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Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 700:51

Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 7

8: Get Lost

This stage is a large maze with multiple paths must of which lead to enemies or treasure. Only one path leads to the treasure chest.

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Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 801:30

Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 8

9: Tongue Tied

This stage has two paths that both lead to the same path eventually. The path to the left is longer and has less barnacles and more jellyfish. The right path has more barnacles than the left path. Both paths force the player to get past a starfish.

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Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 900:44

Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 9

10: Huff n Puff

This level features the return of many enemies from older levels including star shooters and pufferfish and has a small tide.

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Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 1000:48

Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 10

11: High and Dry

This level requires the player to go over long, dry expanses of land covered in hermit crabs. After getting past the dry area, the player has to go through multiple enemies to get to the treasure chest.

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Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 1101:52

Nitrome-Aquanaut Level 11

12: Under Pressure

This level has many jellyfish among other enemies. By squeezing through a narrow gap early on in the level (damaging the player slightly on spikes) the player will arrive near the treasure box.

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Aquanaut - level 1200:55

Aquanaut - level 12

13: Tide and Tested

This level has very extreme tide going from very low to very high in a matter of seconds. The player must avoid hermit crabs and starfish while the tide is right to avoid damage to the submarine.

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Aquanaut - level 1301:24

Aquanaut - level 13


14: Jelly Heaven

A level completely comprised of a maze of jellyfish.

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Aquanaut - level 1402:25

Aquanaut - level 14


15: Killer Calamari

This level features many squid that shoot homing squids, there is also an extremely varied tide. A few crabs also appear.

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Aquanaut - level 1501:02

Aquanaut - level 15


16: Underground Overground Wobbling Free

This level starts with two paths the above with two hermit crabs the lower with two pufferfish. Following is a starshooter and a path with two more hermit crabs and three barnacles. The current must then be used to jump a pillar with a squid and starshooters guarding the treasure chest.

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Aquanaut - level 1602:16

Aquanaut - level 16


17: Round The Twist

This level has at least one of every enemy and many corners and narrow paths of spikes.

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Aquanaut - level 1702:06

Aquanaut - level 17


18: Bite The Bullet

This level has every enemy and requires doing things the 'other way'. Great speed is needed.

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Aquanaut - level 1801:47

Aquanaut - level 18

19: Go Against The Flow

This level requires going through spikes and enemies by going through currents and whirlpools.

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Aquanaut - level 1902:28

Aquanaut - level 19


20: Kill The Serpent

This level has the Sea Serpent and has to be killed with a lot of bombs.

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Nitrome aquanaut last level05:32

Nitrome aquanaut last level


Penguin 1

This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [show] to open the box.

The ending shows a golden fish award, with gems, coins and pearls falling. It also says, "Congratulations! You are the ultimate treasure hunter", along with links for the player to submit their score or go back to the level select screen. When the player clicks on the ending screen, gems, coins, or pearls on the computer screen will disappear upon contact with the cursor and bubbles will be made.
Aquanaut - Ending

The regular ending

Aquanaut also has a Nitrome Touchy version of its ending, which is shown when the player completes the level using Nitrome Touchy. It is basically the same, except without gems, coins, and pearls falling. When the player touches the ending screen of their smartphone, gems, coins, or pearls on the computer screen will disappear and bubbles will be made.

Aquanaut Ending - Touchy version

The Nitrome Touchy ending


  • Jellyfish - They may move or simply be still in a level, and can be destroyed by two bombs.
  • Hermit crabs - They can walk on walls and the ceilings as well as on the ground, and can be destroyed by three bombs.
  • Starfish - It remains stationary and rotates on the spot. Cannot be destroyed.
  • Pufferfish - Periodically, they will expand to take up more space in the level before shrinking back to a smaller size. They can be destroyed with one bomb when they are not inflated.
  • Barnacles - They have a tongue that sticks out, hurting the submarine on contact. Can be destroyed with three bombs by hitting the bomb on the tongue.
  • Lionfish - When the submarine is underneath one, the submarine will be chased until it moves out of the way. Can be destroyed with 3 bombs.
  • Starshooters - They remain in one place and throw little starfish at the player. Can be destroyed with two bombs.
  • Squids - Attack the submarine with homing squids. Can be destroyed with three bombs.
  • Homing squids - Will hurt the submarine on contact.
  • Sea serpent - As the last boss of the game, the player needs to defeat it successfully in order to pass the level.


  • Spikes - Cover certain areas of the game and hurt the submarine on contact.
  • Currents - Push the submarine in one direction if still.
  • Whirlpools - Draws submarine towards it, often towards hazards and enemies as well.

Beta elements


These beta elements were found outside the game's code. Two beta elements of Aquanaut were discovered on Simon Hunter's website: the beta logo for the game and beta squid. The beta logo had the words Aquanaut underwater with the water coloured sub jumping out of it.

The beta squid looked different than the final squid in the game, the beta squid had its tentacles outstretched as if it was trying to catch the player, while the final one has the squid's tentacles down in a kind of arrow shape.


These beta elements were found inside the game's code. Present in the game's code is a very large, closeup image of real-life water. The image is called "water displacement". It is the only image in the game that has a name, and the only unused image.

It is not known what it would have been used for, and likely is just present in the game for no reason.

Nitrome Touchy version

Aquanaut was one of ten games to be Nitrome Touchy compatible upon the release of the Nitrome Touchy application. The player moves the submarine by touching and holding in the direction they want the submarine to move within the encased blue bubble. Two grey buttons on the bottom of the control display allow the player to deploy mines.

Upon its compatibility with Touchy, the submarine was also given a doubled health boost that allowed it to withstand six hits before breaking instead of three.



The text being highlighted

  • The player can highlight the text shown on walls in levels.
  • A few level names are references to other media:
    • Level 4 Trek through the Stars is a reference to Star Trek
    • Level 6 Temple of Trouble may be a reference to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
    • Level 18 Bite the Bullet may be a reference to one level in Hot Air 2 with almost the same name, being Biting the Bullet.
  • Upon the release of the Nitrome Touchy, all enemies inflict half the amount of damage they would usually inflict, giving the player six lives instead of three.

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