Antler apes
Horned Ape
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Walking
Health One blow
Game(s) Frost Bite 2

Antler apes are enemies in the game Frost Bite 2.


The antler ape has a oval shaped body with red fur. It has yellow eyes, a very large mouth, and antlers on its head. It has two giant arms and two small legs. The antler ape uses its hands mostly for walking, only using its legs when it needs to balance itself.

Game information

Antler ape

The antler ape on a hill in the Snowman skin

Frost Bite 2

Antler apes run using its legs and arms. When it gets to the end of a platform, it stands on its legs and roars. It will not go down to a platform lower or higher then the one it is on. It can be hit with the grappling hook or jumped on to be killed, since its antlers are not pointy. It is encountered very early in the game, and does not have any attack.

Other appearances

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