Ant-eaters are enemies in the game Cave Chaos 2.


Ant-eaters are white with a long snout like an ant-eater, hence, the name. They have a small tail and two feet. Like most monsters in the Cave Chaos series, they have a large glossy pink eye; their nose and mouth are the same part.

Game information

Ant-eaters will walk back and forth on platforms. When the see the miners, they will fire a light purple bubble from their nose. This bubble will travel straight and slowly drift up.

If the miners touch the bubble, they will become trapped in it. Whilst trapped, the miner will squirm around in the bubble. The bubble can be controlled slightly by pressing the arrow keys (Left or Right) that points in the direction they want to move. The bubble will slightly alter its course to the direction the miner requests.

The bubble will pop if it touches any solid surface, or reaches the top of the screen. The bubble at first is unnecessary to the miners, and can actually slow the miners down so much that after the bubble pops all the below platforms are gone. The bubbles in later levels have to sometimes be hopped into to drift above to otherwise unreachable platforms.