Ability Moving forward
Points White = 10
Blue = 25
Red = 50
Gold = 100
Game(s) B.C. Bow Contest

Ankylosauruses are obstacles that appears on the first round of the Bone Cup in the game B.C. Bow Contest.


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Ankylosauruses have a mahogony skin colour and their shells are a light crimson. A target is painted on top of their shells. Their faces appear to be very chubby and the eyes are black. The tail on the ankylosauruses resembles a mace.

Game information

Ankylosauruses will move each times the contestant hits it with an arrow, this making the dinosaur harder to hit. The dinosaur has four targets on its back: white targets give ten points, blue targets give twenty-five points, red targets give fifty points, and gold targets give one hundred points.

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