Angel weeping

Angel agro

Stationary Moving
Attack Killing the player upon contact
Health Invincible
Game(s) Turn-Undead

Angels are hazards in the game Turn-Undead.


Angels are depicted as resembling a young girl kneeling with wings in a sharp hooked shaped extending from her back. The angel's head is covered with shoulder length hair with short bangs covering its forehead. The angel has a small mouth with two beady red eyes and small ears. The angel appears to wear a dress with the hem of the dress lying slightly above it knees. The angel appear to be completely made of stone of a pale brownish-pink colour that is the same shade on its face as it is on its wings and the rest of it body.

When an angel is moving, its face is uncovered and one hand is seen balled into a fist reaching forward while the other is forced backward and slightly open. When an angel is in the vampire hunter's line of vision, it will cover its face with its hands so that its fingers are almost touching its bangs and its hands are placed along side each other.

Game information

Angels first appear in level 14 of Turn-Undead and are often found in on their own or in a duo. Angels move one step forward for every step the player takes facing away from an angel. If the player looks directly at an angel, it will remain stationary and cover its face but resume moving when the player turns away. Angels are able to activate buttons, like many enemies, and also can be used as platforms, but unlike enemies, angels cannot be killed. If the vampire hunter comes in contact with an angel on anywhere but its head, the will instantly die.



Nitrome weepingangels comment

The comment.

  1. Game Developer's Blog - Nitrome: Play Turn-Undead! → Comment by Nitrome: I don't think we saw this though...[the Turn-Undead angel enemy] is inspired by the boos in Mario and the Doctor Who...enemy., 7 Oct 2014, retrieved 11 Oct 2014.

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