An anchor
Ammunition 1-9 (drops 1 per usage)
Action Drops down
Damage High
Game(s) Mutiny

Anchors are weapons in the game Mutiny.


The anchor is grey in colour, is very large and has ropes around it near the top. The anchor also has a white outline surrounding it. The ropes surrounding it are light brown and are wrapped tightly. The anchor itself appears heavy and has sharp points on the bottom and on the sides. It also has a ring at the top, supposedly where it would be attached to a ship. Also, if the anchor is looked at closely, a small, light grey skull can be seen at the centre, between the ropes and under the top circle. This is probably meant to indicate the high damage the anchor can inflict upon enemies and pirates alike.

Game information

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When the player selects the anchor, their mouse cursor will turn into an anchor. When the player clicks, an anchor will fall from the sky. Anchors cannot fall through floors, but they can do a lot of damage to an enemy. 


Click anywhere in the stage to drop a huge anchor on your enemies!


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