All-round walkers
The two colours of all-round walkers
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Can walk on walls, floor and ceilings
Health One blow from the proper coloured head
Points Thirty
Game(s) Knuckleheads

All-round walkers are enemies in the game Knuckleheads.


All-round walkers appear either green and pink, and regardless of colour have a body like a head, a different facial expression then most enemies, and unlike most enemies, are frowning. They have no legs but have a small blob that act like legs, they have white facial features.

Game information

All-round walkers can only be killed with the angry heads the same colour as them. These all-surface travelers are more dangerous than bats or worms, as the all-round walkers walk faster than the two aforementioned enemies with their blob shaped face can traverse all types of surfaces.

With the later ability, they never have to reverse direction, as they will always moving onto a platform the one they are on is perpendicular to. Their speed of movement proves them to be harder to kill than most enemies. These enemies, although difficult to kill, do not appear as often as other enemies.

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