This article is about aliens from Flash Cat. For aliens from other games, please see Aliens.

Alien (Flash Cat)
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Flying
Health One blow
Game(s) Flash Cat

Aliens are enemies in the game Flash Cat.


Aliens are green with a red eye. They have a pair of green wings and a pair of legs. They have a green head which appears to look like a exposed brain and four spike are alongside it.

Game information

Aliens are often encountered stationary in early levels, as a target for the player to shoot or as a hazard to avoid. They have no attack, and try to block the player's path. They begin moving horizontally in later levels, becoming more difficult to kill. They are also difficult to avoid if not killed.

They appear in a few places in vast numbers, the player having to have a invincibility or shockwave to survive, as the player would not be able to survive them even at full health or if they have bug bullets.


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