This article is about aliens from Canary. For aliens from other games, please see Aliens.

Alien liquid droppers
Alien Liquid Dropper
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Dropping pink liquid
Health Three seconds of laser exposure
Game(s) Canary

Alien liquid droppers are enemies in the game Canary.


Alien liquid droppers are pink with purple patches and have two blue eyes. They have bags under their eyes and a mouth that looks much like legs. They have vines attaching them onto the ceilings.

Game information

They appear frequently in Canary, and can be considered obstacles depending on where they are placed. The alien liquid droppers will periodically drop a sphere of pink liquid from its mouth, hence its name. The creature can take a moderate amount of laser fire until death. The only way to avoid the creature's attacks is to either shoot the creature itself or wait for it to drop its liquid and pass under it.

Once a gravity orb is activated and a alien liquid dropper shoots out pink liquid, that liquid will be influenced to move more towards the direction of the gravity effect is applied. Sometimes, a gravity orb pointing up will be shot making the pink liquid go back into the alien liquid droppers mouth, which is quite humorous.

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