This article is about alien lasers from Canary. For aliens and lasers from other games, please see Aliens or Lasers.

Alien lasers
Alien Lasers
Attack Emitting a laser
Damage One heart
Health Three seconds of exposure to a laser beam
Game(s) Canary

Alien lasers are hazards in the game Canary.


Alien lasers have the appearance of the head of a purple bug latching on to the laser box, which fuels the laser beam emitted. Because of the corruption, all the corrupted lasers were all turned on, preventing access to certain areas of the mine and forcing the miners to destroy them.

Game information


Alien lasers are actually lasers used by the Canaries for cutting big pieces of rock unable to be cut by usual canary miner laser guns. They lasers (among other equipment) later fell into alien hands when Canary Mining Colony CM08 was invaded.


After being corrupted, alien lasers will deal damage to any Canary miner who touch any part of the laser or laser box. Unusually, the laser can be destroyed. If any Canary miner fires their laser gun at the laser box of the laser for a brief amount of time, the laser box will eventually explode, deactivating the Laser.

Lasers, among many other creature and hazards, are introduced close to the end of Canary. Sometimes, it may not be possible to reach an alien laser; mirrors placed in the area are then required to destroy the alien laser.

Strangely, when Canary 214-LE touches the laser and loses a life, he will not be able to pass the laser and it will act like a wall. This is probably the alien controlling the laser and not letting Canary 214-LE pass, or maybe Nitrome thought that to be a challenge for players.


  • The alien controlling the laser appears similar to the Parasite.

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