This article is about aliens from Canary. For aliens from other games, please see Aliens.

Alien larvae
Alien Larva
Alien larvae on a rock
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Corrupting equipment/people
Health Varies
Points Varies
Game(s) Canary

The alien larva is the main weapon used by the aliens in the game Canary. The alien larva is a pink skinned creature which has tentacles and can corrupt people and machines. The alien larva is the alien's main weapon, and the weapon which usually reigns them victorious.


The alien larva's usual appearance is a blue eye with no pupil within a pink circle. They may appear differently for some other corrupted machinery, but still have some resemblance to their usual form.

Game information

The alien larvae usually have a certain number of tentacles. These tentacles can extend long distances, and can be used to latch the larvae onto rocks and hold detached rocks up. When the aliens attack locations, they will deploy alien larvae, which will spread tentacles around the surrounding area.

The alien larvae also possess a special ability which allows them to corrupt machinery and people. When they corrupt them, they gain control of the machine/person, and can use them to their own advantage.


A gallery of things corrupted by the alien larvae.


  • Although drill head squids, spike headed squids, and electric alien rods are aliens, they are not alien larvae, as they have different physical appearances and have not actually corrupted anything. Rather, they are holding weapons instead of actually corrupting them to use against their adversaries.
  • It is unknown whether the alien larvae can take other forms. If this is so, then all the aliens in Canary could possibly be alien larvae.
  • Alien larvae act similar to the Parasite, as both can corrupt and gain control of machines, creatures and other objects.

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