The plane

Air strike is a tool in the Rubble Trouble series. The tool uses the plane and Garry, as he is the pilot.


The plane is a green/grey metal colour, and Garry is wearing a brown pilot helmet which leaves only his head visible. There is a visor in front of the plane and the landing wheels are seen below that.
AirStrike select

The air strike select button

Game information

The air strike is the only tool in Rubble Trouble New York to uses other tools, this being surpassed by the multi nitro in Rubble Trouble Tokyo. The air strike tool comes in very limited numbers in levels, due to its destructiveness. The only weapon the air strike possesses is nitroglycerine, which it will drop onto the ground.

The air strike tool can only be used when the faded plane prior to the attack is held over yellow barriers. The plane will only drop nitroglycerine in yellow barriers, and cease from dropping any outside yellow barriers.

When the player selects the air strike tool, they can pick at what height they want to the plane to fly. Clicking will start the plane and the plane will fly from off screen on to the screen dropping nitroglycerine in the areas fenced of by yellow barrier. The direction the plane is facing prior to the tool being used will be the direction the plane flies, although it doesn't really matter what direction it goes.

The plane can only fly in a horizontal line, and the nitroglycerine dropped will detonate once it reaches the ground and cannot be detonated by the player. If there is a space between yellow barriers, Yellow barriers separated will count as separate barriers, thus, the player has to use an air strike for each one, as opposed to the air strike dropping nitro on both when flying over.


Air strike
Move the mouse pointer over a set of yellow barriers. When the area over the barrier over the area goes red you can bomb.
Move the mouse to either side of the red area to choose a direction and click the mouse button to begin bombing.



The plane

A beta image of the plane was discovered on Simon Hunter's website. The plane had the top part yellow instead of grey, the yellow probably taken away due to not looking much like a regular plane.


  • The air strike acts quite similar to the seagull weapon in Mutiny. The seagull weapon allows the player to adjust the height of the direction the seagull will fly and the seagull also drops hazardous objects.

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