Air-strike arrows
Air strike 1
Price MochiCoins: 400 coins
Post MochiCoins: Free
Abilities Splitting into nine arrows with a mouse click
Game B.C. Bow Contest
Air-strike arrows are a type of arrow in B.C. Bow Contest.


Air-strike arrows do not have the normal shaft and tail feather appearance, as opposed to most other arrows. The arrow is instead a white and yellow (or green, depending on the colour of the player's character) striped rectangular rocket. The rocket has a triangular head that is also the colour of the player's character. When shot, the air-strike arrow will be lit on fire and produce beige smoke at the back as if it was taking off.

Game information

Air-strike arrows, when shot, function like regular arrows. But, when the player clicks, the air-strike arrow will explode into nine arrows that spread throughout the map and can be used to hit multiple targets.

Nitrome - B.C00:06

Nitrome - B.C. Bow Contest - Air Strike Arrow

Air strike arrow presentation

Shop description

Click the mouse to explode this arrow into more arrows!

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