This article is about acorns from Parasite. For acorns from Chick Flick, please see acorns.

Ability Allows the player to move around in the air
Game(s) Parasite

Acorns are interactive objects and hazards in Parasite.


Acorns appear as usual acorns, roundish bottom topped with a little circle. Acorns are fired from acorn cannons, and depending which cannon fires the acorns varies if the acorns are lethal or not. They're almost the same as real acorns, but leaving some detail.

Game information

Acorns fired from usual acorn cannons will kill the parasite on contact, but will only subtract one heart if the space squid has enslaved a creature. Acorns fired from usual scorn cannons will break upon hitting a wall.

Rocket acorns

Out-of-order acorn cannons do not fire acorns on their own, rather, the alien space squid has to jump in them and fire the acorns manually. When the alien space squid is in an out-of-order cannon, he can rotate the cannon and fire himself out of the cannon on an acorn.

While on an acorn, the parasite can kill simple enemies by just flying into them. The acorn the parasite can ride on has the same health as he does - one heart. Collisions with thorns, happy gas, or some enemies will destroy the acorn and kill the space squid.

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