For acorns from Parasite, see Acorns (Parasite).
Ability N/A
Points 25
Game(s) Chick Flick

Acorns are pickups in the game Chick Flick.


Acorns look like normal brown acorns. They have a light brown lower portion, which is shaped like half an oval and comes to a point. This represents the nut of the acorn. The upper portion consists of a cap-like structure made up of many small dark brown circles, almost like a tiled covering. This represents the cap of the acorn. Finally, on top, there is a small dark brown stub, representing the twig the acorn used to hang on to before it fell off its tree.

Game information

Acorns are dropped from ceiling randomly on any of the levels of Chick Flick. Acorns fall from the ceiling, but do not bounce on the trampoline. If an acorn touches the trampoline or the squirrels, it will disappear, and the number "25" will appear in pink in its place - meaning that twenty-five points are added to the player's score. Acorns do not drift to the side, or flip in the air like other objects.

Instead, it falls straight down, in a unwavering line. It is the only object in Chick Flick that does not not move at all. If an acorn is not touched by the trampoline or a squirrel, it will flash on the ground for a couple of seconds, and then disappear. Acorns cannot touch any other things in the game, such as chicks, or thumper bumpers, but will just go through them.

Acorn Counter

The acorn counter on the bonus level

The squirrels have a giant nut storage area, where they keep all their acorns. After completing all the levels in the game, the player(s) will unlock a bonus level that takes place in the squirrels' nut storage. In the bonus level, only acorns fall from the ceiling, and there is no nest.

Every time an acorn is caught, it will be counted in the place where the chick counter usually is. This level goes on indefinitely, and is only to rack up a high score.

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