Acid shooting mines
Attack Shooting acid
Health Cannot be blown - Toxic
One blow - Toxic II
Game(s) Toxic I and Toxic II

Acid shooting mines are enemies in the Toxic series.


Acid shooting mines have a grey metal base, which in the middle has a grey metal semicircle pointing up. A red eye-like object can be seen in the metal semicircle. Attached to both sides of the mine, and behind it, are grey cannons. Below those cannons are the grey metal rods holding the cannons up. There are three cannons, although only two are usually noticed (the ones on the left and right of the semicircle), because the acid balls they shoot are actually seen. The third cannon, at the back of the semicircle, most likely shoots bullets that are hidden from the player since they are shot backwards.

Game information

Acid shooting mines are placed on the floor, in places where Toxic might drop or where he may jump up. The two side cannons fire acid out in the direction the cannon is facing. Acid is shot in an arc when fired, disappearing when it meets metal. The acid is shot a short distance, making the mine hard to approach.

There is a spot the player can duck infinitely to avoid acid, but if the player wants to destroy the mine they have to get closer to it (often resulting in damage), and lay a bomb. Mines explode when caught in a bomb blast. They can be destroyed in both Toxic games, and are easier to avoid in Toxic I because the acid is shot slower.


  • These mines are similar to and likely based off of Polyp, a enemy from the Metroid series.