Computer person hackedComputer person unhacked
Hacked (left) and not hacked (right)
Gender Male
Species Program
Faction Evil, good (after coming in contact with a bomb)
Health Indestructible
Level(s) Most
Status Unknown, possibly destroyed
Game(s) Toxic II

The AI is a character in the game Toxic II. He appears as several computers stationed throughout the game to aid the Hazmat Hero by providing tips or how objects work. He does not appear in the prequel, Toxic.


The AI is a program who normally appears with a magenta face. The AI does not have a body, instead, it is a face on a grey computer screen. When the AI is hacked, his face becomes yellow-green instead of magenta. The computer, with its keyboard and pedestal are all coloured grey. A constantly moving line is seen under the AI's face.

Game information


When Toxic first enters the second robot factory, he finds a computer that shows, on the screen, a luminous red face that speaks only in binary. By detonating a bomb, he somehow hacks the computer, possibly due to the psychological shock of the explosion (potentially referred to when the computer mentions a "fatal error"). After the explosion, the face turns green and the computer begins speaking in English. The computer at first underestimates Toxic, thinking he will fail at getting past the first zone (or level). Over the course of the game, he becomes friends with Toxic and offers him tips concerning how certain objects work and information about the robot factory. On some levels he makes no appearance, and it is later found that this is because Mother, who seems to govern over him, restricted him from talking to Toxic on those levels (Of course, no computer monitors exist in those levels either, making it hypothetically impossible for the computer entity to contact him).

The AI, telling Toxic this, wonders why Mother had allowed Toxic to live for so long, and suggests that she was possibly toying with Toxic.

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When Toxic destroys Mother, the entire robot factory explodes, with parts of it left in bad condition. It is possible that the AI was somehow destroyed when this happened, as no further contact between him and Toxic is established after this event.
However, since a Bigfoot robot still lived at the end, it's possible that the AI is still alive.

In game

The AI only appears on computers stationed throughout the game. When the player goes up to these computers, a box will pop up that will list the words the AI is saying. The jaw of the AI's head will periodically move up and down until the message is finished. The computers are impervious to damage.

Despite its being impervious to damage, causing a basic bomb explosion on the first computer the player encounters, the one which brings up a red box that has a red coloured AI head that speaks strings of binary (long lines of 1010's in the message box), will "hack" said computer and cause the AI to speak in English.


The AI seem to have some authority in the game. He is seen to be treated as a "son" by Mother.


  • The AI says on level 5.0, "I wish I had legs", which hints he is a talking program, or at least a robot of some sort.
  • On level one, the AI "speaks" in binary code: 010011010001011101010010101010100010001010100
    100010001010000. Decoding it results the nonsense characters M�Rª"¥SEܺˆ©@Ñuuj¢(�