8-bit traps
8-Bit trap
Abilities Pixelates the floor
Game(s) Office Trap

8-bit traps are traps found in the game Office Trap.


When the trap is activated, a small Nitrome Enjoyment System with a small turbo controller attached appears. The Nitrome Enjoyment System appears as a console with a cartridge slot and several buttons. The turbo controller appears a normal game controller with a black d-pad and two pink action buttons.

Game information


A laser beam converted into 8-bit on the top, and a normal beam on the bottom

Once the employee steps off an 8-bit trap, a Nitrome Enjoyment System with turbo controller will appear, making the whole row 8-bit (as opposed to 32-bit). This itself does no damage, but decreases visibility, making the employees more prone to hazardous objects. The employee reverts back to 32-bit when he reaches the next floor or dies. Activating the trap twice has no extra effect.


  • The turbo controller on the 8-bit trap looks similar to the Nitrome Touchy controller.
  • The Nitrome Enjoyment System on the 8-bit trap looks similar to the console that appears in the startups of NES games.

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