A list of events related to Nitrome in 2014.


  • January 2nd - Some glitches in Bad Ice-Cream 3 are fixed.[1]
  • January 3rd - Some bugs in the Blog are fixed.[2]
  • January 7th - More blog tweaks are made. [3]
  • January 9th - Comment moderation fixes are made.[4]
  • January 15th - Two brand new games are announced to be upcoming.[5]
  • January 17th - An upcoming swapping game is announced. [6]
  • January 24th - Lee Nicklen is announced to be back making Nitrome music. A preview music track and image for the upcoming swapping game are also released.[7]
  • January 30th - An upcoming game titled Ditto is announced, and a preview GIF for the game is released.[8]



  • March 26th - Ditto is released.


  • April 14th - The Easter egg avatar hunt begins.
  • April 20th - Easter egg avatar hunt ends.
  • April 29th - The Ditto skin is released.
  • April 30th - Two avatars are hidden in the Ditto skin.



  • June 2nd - The Nitrome Jam began.
  • June 6th - The Nitrome Jam finishes, with all the games being submitted to Nitrome, and to be revealed several days later.
  • June 12th - The Nitrome Jam icons are released.
  • June 13th - The Jam 2014 skin is released.
  • June 20th - The Nitrome Jam results are announced.
  • June 30th - The Nitrome Jam game 8bit Doves is being expanded and made into a mobile game.


  • July 4th - Bump Battle Royale is previewed on the blog with a teaser trailer.
  • July 18th - A Vine video showing Bump Battle Royale is seen.
  • July 25th - A release date showing the game is posted. The Pixel Love website is also launched.


  • August 1st - Bump Battle Royale is released.
  • August 18th - The Oodletrouble skin is released.
  • August 19th - Two avatars are hidden in the Oodletrouble skin.
  • August 27th - 8bit Doves released for iOS and Android. On the same day, the 8bit Doves website is launched.




  • November 7th - The second teaser for the mobile version of Gunbrick is released.
  • November 12th - Endless Doves is released.
  • November 14th - The third and final teaser the mobile version of Gunbrick is released.
  • November 17th - The website version of Endless Doves is released.
  • November 19th - 8bit Doves is put on sale. On the same day, the trailer for Gunbrick is released.
  • November 24th - A Vine video showing Submolok is seen.
  • November 26th - Nitrome announces Christmas avatars 2014 to be distributed the following week.
  • November 27th - Submolok is released.
  • November 28th - Roller Polar is announced.


  • December 1st - The Bad Iceberg skin and Christmas 2014 advent calendar is released.
  • December 2nd - A trailer for Platform Panic is released.
  • December 4th - Roller Polar is released. On the same day, Endless Doves was updated with two new Christmas themed entities in the Aviary.
  • December 9th - The website version of Roller Polar is released.
  • December 12th - A Vine video of Platform Panic is released.
  • December 17thPlatform Panic released.
  • December 26th - The avatar released on Christmas day is made the 26th window in the 2014 Christmas calendar.