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A list of events in 2010 related to Nitrome.


  • January 4 - The Red Clan is released in Ice Breaker: The Gathering as the fourth playable clan.
  • January 7 - Nitrome announces that they have been nominated in several categories for the Jay is Games Best of Casual Gameplay 2009. The games nominated are Cave Chaos (Action or Arcade) Double Edged (Action or Arcade) Flash Cat (Action or Arcade) Ice Breaker (Physics) Final Ninja Zero (Platform) Twin shot 2 (Platform) Graveyard Shift (Shooter) and Castle Corp (Tactical and Strategy).
  • January 7 - Nitrome launches their second poll with the name "Which Game Would you Most Like to see a Sequel to?"
  • January 11 - The Hunter Clan is released, which is the fifth and last clan in Ice Breaker: The Gathering.
  • January 14th - Mat announces that they fixed the end screen for the clans in Icebreaker the Gathering so the player could continue on, thus, achieving a higher score.
  • January 19 - The Tar Cup is released for B.C. Bow Contest.
  • January 27 - Mat announces that Ice Breaker has been voted best Physics game of 2009 on Jay is Games.
  • January 29 - Rubble Trouble is released.



  • March 3 - Mat and Jon Annal announce they are doing a talk on March 8th titled "From Bedroom to Medium Sized Office: The Nitrome Story".
  • March 8 - The talk "From Bedroom to Medium Sized Office: The Nitrome Story" takes place.
  • March 9 - Rustyard wins award for Best Puzzle Game at the Flash Gaming Summit Mochis Awards.
  • March 9 - A sneak peek at Super Feed Me is shown, along with a link to the trailer.
  • March 11 - Blast RPG is released.






  • August 27 - Mat announces that a Gamasutra interview with Nitrome has been done.


  • September 17 - Mat announces that the Blog Problem on their blog that prevented them from making new Blog Posts has been fixed.
  • September 17 - Mat provides a link to a interview with himself and Gamespy.
  • September 17 - Jon releases a Teaser Image about an upcoming game that is still in production.
  • September 22 - Bullethead wins the "Internet Game of the Month" award in the British magazine Edge.
  • September 29 - Squawk is released.




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