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A list of events in 2008 related to Nitrome.





  • June 2nd - Nitrome launches their new blog section.
  • June 5th - Skywire 2 is released.
  • June 12th - Nitrome gets nominated for the Zeebys 2008 Casual Games Awards in the Web Game category.
  • June 30th - Small Fry is released.


  • July 8th - Mutiny is released.
  • July 14th - Nitrome launches there new preview section, with a preview for Toxic II.
  • July 22nd - 2 of Nitrome's games have been nominated for the Flash Forward Film Festival award. The games Hot Air 2, and Twang have been nominated in the Games category.
  • July 24th - Final Ninja is released.
  • July 29th - Nitrome announces that they are working on Toxic 2, and release a screenshot for the upcoming game.


  • August 8th - Nitrome releases a second screenshot from Toxic II.
  • August 26th - Onekey is released.
  • August 26th - Nitrome wins the Peoples Choice Award for Twang in the Flash Foreword film festival in San Francisco.



  • October 27th - The Horror Skin is released.
  • October 27th - Nitromes Halloween game Numbskull is released.


  • November 3rd - Bomba is released.
  • November 14th - Flipside Is released.
  • November 14th - Nitrome announces that Toxic II is already finished, has been done for a few months, and thought it would have been released by now. Nitrome acknowledges that Toxic II's release is up to MTV.
  • November 25th - Toxic II is finally released.



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